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Website update
Megaman X Reborn- New affiliate and 3 new pictures!
Hello Megaman X fans. Yet another small update. Megaman Century has affiliated with Megaman X Reborn. Our 2nd affiliate so far. Were happy to see yet another affiliation on our website. (Thank you Megaman Century!) 3 New pictures have showed up to on this site from IGN (For more info go to the Maverick Virus website.). There are X, Zero, and Axl cel shaded 3-D character model pictures. These are how they would look in Megaman X Command Mission. Its September too which means school starts again =P. But Command Mission is coming very soon. Just a few more weeks!! Im excited. Well its gonna be well worth the wait. Like you we just have to keep waiting. Cya L8T3R MMX Fans!
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Definition of Re-born.
Re·born  (r-bôrn) adj.
Emotionally or spiritually revived or regenerated.