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-With another Megaman series released for the Gameboy Advance. Megaman Zero is not a game for anyone. With its hard difficult gameplay prepare for one of the hardest games ever released for the Gameboy Advance. - Cloud

Megaman X Reborn's score for Megaman Zero: 8.7 out of 10.

Rated: E for Everyone

Introducing the second Mega Man series onto the Game Boy Advance after the Battle Network series, Mega Man Zero brings 32-bit graphics, gorgeous sound and intriguing gameplay to a new portable level, as well as all the enjoyment and challenge from the X series.
More than 100 years have passed since the seemingly endless battle against the Mavericks, and much has changed. The Maverick Hunters have finally managed to wipe the Earth clean of all Mavericks, and peace had begun to form between the Reploids and Humans, it seemed that the machines and humans could now live together in harmony. Maverick Hunters X and Zero, exhausted from working tirelessly against the Mavericks, have settled down and begun to enjoy the peace.Zero, worried of the threat of the original Maverick Virus contained in his body, planted there by his creator Dr. Wily, sealed himself inside a capsule where he would sleep for 100 years, enough time for his body to extract the virus and rid himself of the threat forever. Untouched for over a century, a human scientist known as Ciel hastily finds Zero and releases him form hibernation. 100 years of sleep has changed Zero's body drastically, but the virus had left him while his mind remained intact. Slightly dizzy from the hasty wake-up call, Zero quickly discovers that a new evil threat has arisen, a huge army known as Neo Arcadia has taken control of the major governments of the world and is ruling over everything with an iron fist, while hunting down reploids they deem to be "Maverick." Zero quickly joins up with the Resistance fighters, a group of Reploids fighting for world peace and the freedom of all Reploids. Zero has no idea where X is, or what may have become of him since their last battles together, neither can he contact or find Alia, Signas or Douglas, so Zero must trust Ciel, but little does Zero know that the identity of Neo Arcadia's leader may be very close to him, but either way, Zero must now fight for the freedom of Reploids and humans, against this corrupt army and for the salvation of the world.
-What should be expected when you play
You'll be taking control of Zero for his first solo mission, taking the Resistance fighter's fate into your own hands while battling the armies of Neo Arcadia in over 10 missions packed with action and adventure. Equipped with his trusty new Z-Buster and Z-Saber, Zero will learn new techniques after gaining experience, as well as gaining new weapons and abilities. Using new Cyber-Elf technology, you can enhance Zero's powers and defenses to maximum heights, making him into the Neo Arcadia's worst nightmare. Facing hordes of enemies, Zero will gain help from the many reploids hoping for peace, but after 100 years of sleep, Zero will have to shake of the hibernation effects as although the Mavericks are gone forever, this new evil threat will prove to be far more dangerous and more capable of destruction than the Mavericks ever were, and their leader in particular is waiting for the final moment to meet Zero, when he can match his powers to Zero's immense abilities...
Systems: GBA/GBA SP
Cart Size: 32 Megabits
Developer: Capcom
Genre: Action/RPG
Release date: 9/09/2002


 Megaman Zero. One of the most coolest games out for the Gameboy Advance. But yet like always Capcom makes this one extremely hard. People who like to play hard games that will take them awhile to beat well this is your type of game. However if your a person who hates hard and fustrating games dont even try to play. Like most Megaman games Megaman Zero requires alot of stradegy in order to beat.
- Gameplay
 You get to use 4 different weapons in the game the Z-Buster. Which is a buster except like in other Megaman games this one is a gun that shoots and shoots out charged shots. The Z-Saber is another weapon that you have to use during the game. You have to start off using the Z-Buster in the beginning but when you encounter your first boss battle X will give you the Z-Saber. The Triple Rod that extends when you push the attack button, and the Shield Boomerang which guards aginst attacks and charging it makes Zero throw it to attack an enemy and come back to him. Each weapon in the game has their own unique ability. The games weapons go by a system of levels. As you keep using a weapon the levels increase, and you gain a unique ability. The Z-Buster has up to 4 different levels but its only good unless you like to hit your enemys from long ranges. The Z-Saber has 7 levels and is a very deadly weapon aginst foes however you may take damage because its a short range weapon and you must get close to an enemy to destroy it. The Triple Rod has 5 levels and is good for attacking enemeys at a certain range. It extends making it have a better reach than the Z-Saber. The Shield Boomerang has only 3 different levels and is good for defence (blocking an enemy's attacks), and hitting enemys at yet at a certain range. As you play through the game you will earn elements which are used to increase your attack power. However you must beat certain bosses to earn them. There are 3 different elemental chips the Thunder chip which edmits electricity, the Flame chip which edmits fire, and the Ice chip which edmits Ice. These chips also have unique abilitys also. The thunder chip allows you to shoot electric bullets which shocks your enemy's. The flame chip shoots out flames which is good for burning your enemys. The ice chip freezes enemys and splits them in half. All elements earned in the game must be equipped with the weapon that you perfer. As you play through the game you'll find out more about the storyline which is great. Its kinda complicated but you can figure it out. The controls are yet easy to learn but can cause some problems while playing. The A button allows you to jump the B button allows you to attack, and the L button allows you to dash. The controlls are good but when you play this game expect alot of fustration.
 The graphics in this game are 2-D but yet the graphics are geogeous. Nice backgrounds and great animations this is yet one of the best 2-D action platforming games out for the Gameboy Advance. The color is great and vivid and lots of detail are added into the games levels and characters.
 The music isnt my style but its great to listen to in the game. The sound effects are awesome. You can hear Zero's footsteps when he runs and the explosions sound great. The sounds dont stop other sounds like music from going. Instead the sound goes over another but never stops another sound while you hear another. Anyone who plays the game would love to listen to the music over and over. However you have to stay on guard unless you find a great place to hide while listening to the games tunes.
 Overall Megaman Zero is an impressive action game. Its definetly not for any player to buy the game and expect to kick some major butt. Megaman is the star character of the game but you must use Zero and Zero only to get through. Dont worry as you play to the game you'll see X chat with Zero for a few moments. The storyline is easy to understand, and this game is only for hardcore fans of the series. Megaman Zero in the end is a awesome game and will keep you playing for months.
- Review by Cloud.