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Below are the staff members of Megaman X Reborn. We give extreme credit to Planet Megaman for providing us the story info for Megaman X - Megaman X7.

Name: Dante
Aim: Cloud FFVII O4
Job: Webmaster, In charge of everything.

Name: Neo X
Aim: TheGweedo1
Job: In charge of the sprite sheets,and animated sprites for this site.

Name: Maxx
E-Mail: N/A
Aim: Maxx12009
Msn: N/A
Job: In charge of the character bio's for this site.

Name: Green-T
Aim: N/A
Job: In charge of the screenshots for this website.

Mega X50's Picture

Name: Mega X50
Aim: MegaX50
Job: In charge of the music hunting and game reviews.

Name: N/A
E-Mail: N/A
Aim: FreakAlien311
Msn: N/A
Job: In charge of the HTML and layout for this website.


Dark Zero's picture.

Name: Dark Zero
E-Mail: N/A 
Aim: N/A
Msn: N/A
Job: Ex staff member. Used to be in charge of the graphics on this website.
Status: Retired.
Comments: It was an honor to have you with the Megaman X Reborn team! Farewell and rest my friend!

More staff members coming soon!