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Megaman X7

Mega Man X7 will be the first X Series video game to debut on the PS2, featuring 3 playable characters, multiplayer features, and 2D/3D graphics to provide many different views during battle. Having already been in the works for a year, Mega Man X7 is shaping up to be a great title.
Much of Mega Man X7's storyline is still a mystery at this point, and it's unknown if any key villains from the past will be making a return. Much of the story so far is greatly centered around the Series' newest character, Axl. Apparently, Axl, once part of a team of Bounty Hunters known as the Red Alert Syndicate, has left the team in order to become a Maverick Hunter along side Mega Man X and Zero. Ever since Axl left, the Red Alert Syndicate has been trying to get him back.

Both the Red Alert Syndicate and Maverick Hunters share common goals, so there are still certain mysteries surrounding why Axl left to join X and Zero. Why a new Maverick uprising has begun in this particular game has yet to be revealed as well..
New expectations
Being a both a 2D and 3D game, Mega Man X7's new features range far and wide. There will be 3 different particular views in the game, one providing a 3D 1/4 overhead view in certain stages, while others will be completely 3D with free movement. Other segments in the game will be in traditional 2D side-scrolling format, but everything still rendered to look 3D.

X7 will also feature the "Double Hero System" which will allow a player to select from two of the games three heroes and form a team which will let you switch from one character to the other in order to combat changing circumstances in the game. For example, Zero might not be able to reach an airborne enemy with his Z-Sabre, so you could switch to Mega Man X and take out that enemy using his X-Buster.

You will also have the ability to lock on to enemies with long range weapons in the game, like Axl's pistol or X's X-Buster. Zero is unable to lock on but can come in close for multiple slash attacks.