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Megaman Zero 2

Zero. If you don't hate him then you love him. There really isn't a lot of middle ground. His stylish red and white armor, long blond hair, and skilled saber wielding has drawn many to love him. His somewhat bad plot support and inability to stay dead has drawn many to dispise him as well. Love or hate, Zero 2 is coming. If you liked the first game you're sure to like this one. If you didn't like the first game, probably still wont like this one. However, you shouldn't let your disgust of Zero get in the way of this series.

Mega Man Zero is a continuation of the Mega Man X series, set roughly 100 years later. It retains a lot of the gameplay from the old X series, but features a new art style, items to collect, and an area layout a little more like something from one of the recent Castlevania games. The game also featured pseudo-leveling up and a ranking for performance. Whether you like Zero or not, the game has a lot of appeal and challenge to stand on its own. If these features are still present when all the new features Zero 2 boasts are put in, there is a lot of promise for a great game.
With the information many Japanese gaming sites have put out, the exact point where this game kicks off is a little hard to determine. Let's look at some of the facts.

Zero has defeated Copy X and his reign in Neo Arcadia. When we left Zero he was still fighting valiantly in the desert he fell to. Meanwhile, Ciel and the Resistance who faced a crisis of complete destruction from Neo Arcadia managed to escape to new ground where Neo Arcadia's grasp of power doesn't reach.

Zero acted as a decoy to draw Neo Arcadia's efforts so Ciel and her companions could make there get-away and begin to build anew. However, Zero has been separated from them and on his own since. Being worried about him and wanting to protect her companions, Ciel helped in establishing a new Resistance Base a year later. There's a new leader of the resistance too, named Elpis, whose appearance can't help but foreshadow betrayal in the near future.

It seems Neo Arcadia is still around and willing to fight, though. There has also been reports of another evil group of robots known as the Replizoid. It's still unclear what connection they have.
New features
New Weapon: Chain Rod - Aside from his other gathered tools in the last game, Zero aquires a new weapon called the Chain Rod, an advancement of the Triple Rod. The Chain Rod is multidirection lances which returns to Zero. The Chain Rod can attack to walls and ceilings, and be used as a grapple to swing over dangerous areas. The Chain Rod can also hold enemies in place, and pull them forward.
Enchance Your Abilities: Form Change - Another new feature of the game is Form Changing. It is still unknown how this ability is aquired. When used, it seems Zero changes his armor, though all in all it is just a mere color change. Each form grants Zero a difference advantage, and there are ten forms in all, including Zero's original form.