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Below are some links to some cool sites. (Note: We are not afiliated with these websites in any way. These are just links to other nice websites on the web.)

A nice Counter Strike Clan called the Counter Strike Assassins. They're currently looking for some new members and people to scrim with. They are also called the Condition Zero Assassins too. They will recruit on CZA tonight.
Probaly one of the most biggest Metal Gear Solid fansite on the net. It has everything, from the nes versions of MGS to the PS2 versions. If your new to the Metal Gear world. Heres a great place to start.
A Gran Turismo fansite with a huge 3-D car gallerey. This site was gonna be a clan site for Gran Turismo 4's online play. However it seems Polyphony Digital isnt leaking much information about its online play. So we'll have to see if this site is a clansite.
One of the best sites for cool visual effects. As you go into Carlo's domain its like a new dimension into the internet. With stunning visuals, awesome music in the background, and plenty 3-D pictures, and animations on this site. This is the new gateway to the internet. Enter Carlo's Domain.